JAY-Van CORTLANDT relationships

JAY-Van CORTLAND relationships

Family intermarriage occurred among the early Families that settled in the New Amsterdam region. This was very apparent between the Jay Family and the Van Cortlandt Family.

The first Jay settler was Auguste,(1665-1751) who had been forced to leave France when he returned on one of his father’s ships to a post edict of Nantes France He was able to escape France with the help of an aunt and ended settling in New Amsterdam. He became a merchant and married Anne Marika Bayard, a descendant of Anna Stuyvesant. They had four children that survived infancy and married and had children. This becomes the basis of the Jay Family in what was to become the United States.

Judith Jay* married Cornelius Van Horne
Marie Jay married Pierre Vallete
Francina Jay* married Frederick Van Cortlandt*
Peter Jay** married Mary Van Cortlandt**

The Judith Jay and Cornelius Van Horne marriage produced two children who married: Cornelius and Augustus. Cornelius Van Horne married Elizabeth Van Norden. Descendants of her family were to purchase the Jay house and property in Rye in 1805. Augustus Van Horne married his first cousin, Anna Marie Van Cortland. She was the daughter of Frederick Van Cortlandt who married his aunt, Judith sister Francina Jay. They had one daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas Stratfield Clarkson. Their daughter Elizabeth Stratfield Clarkson married her cousin, the son of Uncle General Matthew Clarkson, Matthew. He married his cousin the youngest daughter of Peter Augustus Jay and his aunt Mary Rutherford Clarkson, a daughter of General Matthew Clarkson, Sarah Matilda Jay. They had one child Banyer who was one of the original trustees of the Jay Cemetery and with his wife is buried there. ??Confused?? See the chart!

Their second daughter Mary, married Pierre Vallete and no intermarriages occurred!

Their third daughter, Francina Jay, married the son of Jacobus and Eve Van Cortlandt, Frederick Van Courtlandt.

Their fourth child, a son, Peter Jay married the sister of Frederick, daughter of Jacobus and Eva VC, Mary Van Cortlandt. Peter Jay was a successful merchant in New York, who bought the property in Rye and moved the family there in 1745. It is this family that we are most interested in.

The first Van Cortlandt settler was Oloff (1600-1684) His second
son Jacobus (1658-1739) who in 1700 was Mayor of the City of New York, married Eve Phillipse. They had four children, three daughters and one son. Their family became intertwined with the Jay Family with marriage of their son Frederick to Francina Jay and their daughter Mary to her brother Peter.

Margareta Van Cortland* married Abraham de Peyster
Frederick Van Cortlandt* married Francina Jay*
Anne Van Cortlandt married John Chambers
Mary Van Cortlandt* married Peter Jay*

Margareta Van Cortlandt and Abraham de Peyster had six children. Their oldest daughter Catherine married John Livingston, the brother of William Livingston, the father of Sarah Livingston Jay, the wife of John Jay.

Frederick Van Cortland married Francina Jay and lived in the Van Cortland House in Yonkers. (This has become the area in the Bronx, Van Cortland Park) They had five children, two daughters and two sons who married and had children.

James Van Cortlandt married Elizabeth Culyer
Augustus Van Cortland married Helen Barclay. Their daughter Helen married James Morris whose son Augustus married Harriet Munro.
Anna Marie Van Cortlandt* married Augustus Van Horne* her first cousin. Their mothers, Francina Jay and Judith Jay were sisters. They had one daughter who married Thomas Stratfield Clarkson as outlined above.
Eva Van Cortlandt* married Henry White. They had one daughter, Margaret White* who married her cousin Peter Jay Munro.* the only child of Eve Jay and Henry Munro. They had nine children that survived infancy. Two of their children had inter family marriages between Jay and Van Cortland descendants.

Anne Van Cortland married Judge John Chambers. She was close to Eve Jay, and introduced her to Harry Munro at Trinity Church where he was a guest preacher.

Mary Van Cortlandt* married Peter Jay* and they had seven children. As noted they bought the property in Rye NY and moved the family there in 1745.

Eve Jay married Henry Munro and had one child Peter Jay Munro. As mentioned Peter married his cousin Margaret White and had nine children. Two of these children, Harriet and Henry married into the Van Cortlandt family.
Harriet Munro married Augustus Frederick Morris. His father was James Morris and his mother was Helen Van Cortlandt, the daughter of Augustus Van Cortlandt. Augustus Morris changed his name to his mothers Van Cortlandt. Their children were all named Van Cortlandt.
Henry Munro married Anne Bayley. Their daughter Mary White Munro married James Bruen. They had several children.
Augustus Jay
Sir James Jay with Anne Erwin
Peter “blind” Jay
Anna Marika Jay (blind)
John Jay married Sarah VanBrugh Livingston, the daughter of Gov William Livingston and Susana French. They had six children. John Jay was involved in several branches of Government during his life and was a Founding Father of the United States. His oldest son, Peter Augustus married into the Clarkson Family. His wife, Mary Rutherford Clarkaon, father was General Matthew Clarkson. Peter Augustus and Mary youngest daughter Sarah Matilda Jay married cousin Matthew Clarkson, son of the General.
Frederick Jay married twice but had no children.

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