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Why the Bowerie? Our Stuyvesant Relationship

JAY-STUYVESANT Relationships.

The Jay who first came to what was to become the United States was AUGUSTE in 1687. As a young man he had returned from an Asian tour on one of his fathers boats just after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes into the port of La Rochelle. His family had been forced to flee. He was saved by a half Huguenot/half Catholic Aunt and smuggled aboard a vessel bound for Charleston, South Carolina. He moved to New Amsterdam and settled as a trader and married ANNA MARIKA BAYARD in 1697.

Anna BAYARD’s paternal grandmother was ANNA STUYVESANT, the sister of the early leader of New Amsterdam, PETER (Petrus) STUYVESANT. He had married Anna’s husband, SAMUEL BAYARD, sister JUDITH BAYARD. Samuel BAYARD had died in Holland in 1646 and the next year Anna with her four children sailed to New Amsterdam to join her brother Peter. There was a strong connection with the Stuyvesant family which may be why a burial vault in the Stuyvesant Orchard at St Marks in the Bowerie became the resting place for JAY family members until it was moved to Rye in 1807.

Anna Stuyvesant remarried but outlived her second husband. She died in 1683, ten years after her brother Peter who had been buried in a vault under the family chapel in the Stuyvesant orchard in the Bowerie. This was to become the site of St Mark’s in the Bowerie church. She probably was buried in this vault.

This may have been the start of the Jay Family vault. Anna Stuyvesant BAYARD brought four children to New Amsterdam. Balthazar, Nicholas, Petrus, and Catherine. The oldest, Balthazar married in 1664, Marietje Lookermans. It was their daughter ANNA MARIE BAYARD who married AUGUSTE JAY in 1697. Anna Marie died in 1726 and was interred in the Vault in the Stuyvesant Orchard in the Bowerie. Her husband Auguste died in 1751 and was also buried in the “family” vault. I believe they were the first “JAYs” to be interred in the St Marks vault.

During the Revolution, New York was occupied by English troops and no burials took place. The son of Auguste Jay and father of John Jay, Peter and his wife Mary Van COURTLANDT died in Fishkill and Pougkeepsie during this time and were buried in a vault near Fishkill.

After the Revolution John and Sarah Livingston moved back to New York and were involved with Trinity Church about 1784. Also their oldest son Peter Augustus went to Trinity. In 1795 Jay became Governor of New York and moved in his second term to the new state Capitol in Albany. He retired from that post at the end of his second term to live in Bedford in 1801.

There were several Jay burials during the period of 1780 and 1806. Three children of Peter and Mary Van Courtland were buried. In 1791 Anna Marika Jay was buried. She with Peter were the two children blinded by small pox in their youth. In 1799 Frederick Jay died. He was probably buried here along with his first wife who had died in 1791. In 1801 Augustus Jay died and was buried. He was the son with a learning disability. Finally Sarah Livingston Jay, John Jay’s wife, died in 1802 and was buried in the family vault.

During this time the Stuyvesant property in the Bowerie underwent change. In 1793 the great grandson of Peter Stuyvesant, also Petrus, sold the family chapel and land to the Episcopal church for $1.00. A new church was designed and built on the same site as the family chapel. St Mark’s in the Bowerie was consecrated in 1799.

It was soon after that, that the family decision was made to set aside a tract of land in the East Meadow on the Rye Estate as a burial plot. Changes were happening at St Mark’s which may have necessitated this. New York City was undergoing street planning grid changes and construction of 10th street was planned at St Mark’s for about 1810. This may have made continued use of the Jay Vault in the Stuyvesant Orchard impossible.

In 1804, Goldsboro Banyer, the infant son of Marie Jay Banyer died soon after childbirth and it was decided to have him buried in the East Meadow of the Rye Estate.This burial was followed by his father in 1806 and then young sister in 1808. The contents of the vault at St Mark’s was moved about 1806.

There is some question if there was one vault or two. AUGUSTE and his wife Anna Marie BAYARD may have been buried in the Stuyvesant vault. The cemetery in Rye was open to the descendants of Peter Jay so Auguste probably would not have been moved. It is also unclear where the Jay Vault was other than in the Stuyvesant Orchard near what is now St Mark’s in the Bowerie. It is also possible that the second vault was Peter and Mary from Fishkill.

Fourth Generation
Peter Jay MUNRO died at age 5 in 1797
Mary MUNRO died at age 6 in 1802

Third Generation
Anna Maricka Jay. Died in Rye in 1791
Margaret “Polly” Barclay. Died in NY in 1791. First wife of Fady Jay.
Frederick Jay died 1799 in NY
Augustus Jay. Died in Rye in 1801
Sarah Livingston Jay. Died in Bedford in 1802

Probable Burials
First Generation. Doubt they were moved
Augustus Jay. Died New Rochelle in March 1751
Anna Maria BAYARD died New Rochelle in Feb 1726

Second Generation Question if this was the second vault moved.
Peter Jay. Died in Poughkeepsie in 1783. Buried in vault of Gysbert Schneck
Mary Van Courtlandt. Died in Fishkill 1777 Buried in vault of Gysbert Schneck