Mothers Family: Polhemus and Van Wyck

Marie Louise Polhemus, was my maternal grandmother, who married Courtland Palmer Dixon.  He was a successful business man and banker. They lived in New York City and moved later in life to a large estate in Ridgefield, Ct. There were three children. My mother Louise, my Aunt, Gusseus, who never married, and my Uncle Theodore. My mother died in 1943, when I was ten. I remember her as an in charge deep thinking person that did not tolerate any foolishness from me. I have memories of my Aunt, Gusseus, arriving in Tyringham in the early 1950’s in the big 1930 touring Packard with HUGE running boards and a trunk on the back that she had inherited, and my being able to ride on the running boards to Lee. My Grandfather died well before I was born, and my Grandmother died when I was 8 in 1941. The depression had hurt her very badly with loss of railroad stocks. I vaguely remember her visits to our house in Hewlett. She seemed to ba a rigid person and her visits were not very comfortable!

Grandmother with Petey              

Guesseus Packard with Petey and me
My Grandmothers father was Theodorus Polhemus. Her mother was Maria Tiebout Van Wyck. One of several Polhemus/Van Wyck marriages.  Theodorus Polhemus father was also Theodorus and Maria mother was Cornelia Theodorus Polhemus, (brother and sister) who married Jacob Griffen Van Wyck and another Polhemus/Van Wyck marriage. Theodorus and Maria spent their lives in Brooklyn living in the Polhemus House in Gowans. He was co partner of Brinkerhouse and Polhemus, a successful cotton trading company. They had six children, my grandmother was the youngest.

The original Polhemus, the Rev Theodorus came to Brooklyn from Brazil in 1654 and became the first Domino of the Dutch church there. He married and had several children, including a daughter Anna. The original Van Wyck living in Brooklyn was Cornelius Barentsead who first settled in Brooklyn in 1660. He married Anna Polhemus, which was the first Polhemus/Van Wyck marriage. They had several children which started the Van Wyck line that moved to Fishkill. 
To trace the Van Wycks back, Maria’s father was Jacob Griffen Van Wyck. He was born in 1791 in Hopewell New York and was married to Cornelia Polhemus in China in 1814. He died at age 37. His father was Theodorus R Van Wyck, born in Fishkill in 1761, and lived there all his life. He died at age 77. He married Hannah Griffen in 1765. They had three children. His father was Richard Van Wyck, first cousin of Theodorus Van Wyck, MD., who also was born and lived in Fishkill. He married Barbara Coert Van Voorhees whose sister, Mary Coert had first married Petrus Du Bois my gggrandfather from my father’s side, and then Theodorus Van Wyck, MD.  His father was Cornelius Van Wyck, born in Brooklyn, married Hannah Thorne and moved and built house in Fishkill. They had seven children and were the start of the Fishkill family.

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