John Jay Du Bois
2. Seventh Generation. JOHN JAY DUBOIS, MD Birth Nov 18, 1933 in New York City Living married Adrienne Ackerman ALLEN Birth Feb 6, 1938 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . Living. They have three children. Married SHARON ELIZABETH MENZIE Birth Dec 24, 1944 in San Francisco, Calif. Living. They have one child (adopted) Chris.

John Jay Du BOIS graduated from Williams college in 1955 and Cornell Univ Medical College in 1959. He did his residency at St Luke’s Hopital in NYC. He practiced Internal Medicine in Rye N.Y. until 1990. Then he was with the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston SC.until 2000. He served as Medical Missionary to Panama from 2001 until 2010. He was president and Trustee of the Jay Cemetery from 1960 until 2000. He and his second wife, Sharon were involved with saving the Peter Augustus Jay home and property in the 1980’s. They continue on the Advisory Board of the Jay Heritage Center. He has been interested in family genealogy.

10 thoughts on “JJ Du BOIS Biof

  1. Caroline S. DuBois

    Hi Cousin JJ:

    I met you again this winter in Rye, at the Jay barn lecture on Greek Revival architecture. I have been web surfing for family connections and just discovered your site. I was led to it via the Van Wyck homestead in Fishkill while researching Cornelius DuBois.

    Caroline S. DuBois
    President, New York Marble Cemetery
    8 Dunes Lane, first floor, Port Washington, NY 11050
    (516) 922-7345 home


    1. jsdubois28 Post author

      Hi. So glad to hear from you! Fishkill is loaded with our history. ?Did you stop at the Dutch reform church and see the plaque to Petrus DBT who founded the church!! Also that CORNELIUS was not happy with his Van Wyck step father which is why he left for NYC and life as a merchant. The Van Wyck house was then used during the Revolution by the Jay family that had been displaced from Rye. Fun stuff. I need to get to the Marble Cemetery this spring. Also you need to get to the Jay Cemetery which is on the Rye property. Enjoy. It’s COLD and a lot of snow here!


      1. Caroline Dubois

        Thank you for doing all your research. I have driven through Fishkill on the way back from New Paltz but have never stopped. Now it is on my to do list. I am wondering if you know what is the relationship between Dr. Theodorus Van Wyck and the Van Wyck Homestead Museum house. ? Caroline


      2. jsdubois28 Post author

        Hi They are related. CORNELIUS Van Wyck who was the builder of the Van Wyck house in Fishkill had several siblings, one being Theodorus. Theodorus married Elizabeth Creed and built the second Van Wyck house that was on the grounds of IBM and was torn down. His son Theodorus, MD lived in the house which was used by the Jay etc. So Theodorus MD father was Theodorus and Uncle was Cornelius and Two Fishkill houses!
        How about a Fishkill weekend this spring. Great restaurants!


      3. Caroline Dubois

        Good news – I knew there was a connection – thanks. Too bad they tore down the Theo house – that has been the fate of so much of our colonial history. Caroline


  2. James Downing

    Hi JJ, I’m Jim Downing a grandson of Robert O duBois Jr. I’ve been searching online for history on the duBois side of my family for quite some time and stumbled across your site. It is the most recent stuff I’ve seen, short of some old Jay Cemetary books. I noticed you don’t have much past my grandmother (Erika von Stuelpnagel) and grandfather, and could provide some updates if you are interested.

    James Downing
    Las Vegas, NV


  3. Ken Holden

    Hello John, are you a descendant of William Dawson and Sarah Jay? If so, hello cousin! I have the Dawson tree. I have some interesting surprises for you that arise out of both the Dawson tree and comparing it to the biographies in your tree. William Dawson who married Sarah Jay was my 1st cousin 5 times removed. He was the 18th gt grandson of King Edward III.

    The common ancestor I have with this William Dawson are my 5th gt grandparents Ambrose Dawson and Mary nee Aston. Their son William Dawson married Eleanor Lee who were distant relations, William being the 14th cousin of General Robert E. Lee, and Eleanor being the 3rd cousin of Robert E. Lee. Cross reference this with the biography of Henry Augustus DuBois present at Lee’s surrender. Interesting connection there.

    William Dawson who married Eleanor Lee had a brother Richard whose grandson George married the gt granddaughter of William Smith Esq. Chief Justice of New York and Lower Canada whose brother Joshua Hett Smith owned the house in which Benedict Arnold and British Major John Andre met.


  4. David Enman

    Hi, my name is David enman and I have a used book store in Huntington /vt. I just came across a box of photos from the late 1800’s that has a lot of du Bois family members identified by name and date of birth etc.
    would you like these photos. Dave


    1. jjdubois18 Post author

      David. I rarely open my WordPress message! If the box of pics is still available I would love to have it. Address is 6 Morgan Manor, unit 14, Lenox, MA. 01240
      Thanks. JJDB



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